We at the Mill Christian Fellowship support the work of missionary ministry for the furtherance of the gospel throughout all the world.

Missionaries we support

Apollo and Lois Midigo

Apollo and Lois Midigo are involved in coaching the Communaute Baptiste Du Congo (CBCO), a church association in the D.R. Congo. This involves the development and completion of a structure that will see these churches begin to send out their own mission personnel.

Martin and Ruth Ghent

While raising four children, they planted Itayanagi church (Now, Tsugaru Gospel Church) and had responsibility for Kanagi Chapel as well. They are presently living and working in South Hirosaki planting Hirosaki Nozomi Christ Church.

Would you like to support the spreading of God's word?

You can donate directly to each missionary through their profiles above or click below to donate through The Mill Christian Fellowship

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