Serving & Volunteering

Does playing instruments with others on a Sunday morning bring you great joy in your expression of love and adoration to Jesus? Maybe, you have what it takes to instruct the younger generation in the scriptures. Do you find yourself always wanting to make sure everyone feels welcomed and plugged in? These few ministries may describe you – but there are many other needs we currently have here at The Mill Christian Fellowship. If you have been in prayer and felt you want to step out and express your interest to serve, we encourage you to sign up and speak with the ministry leader.


We want to welcome each guest to our church with the love of Christ. Being a greeter at the door helps to engage visitors in a personal way and shows that we do care for each person who walks through the doors of the church.

Music Ministry

Do you enjoy expressing your faith through playing an instrument or singing? Then be a part of our music ministry and share the gift God has given you to worship and honour Him!

Youth Ministry

If you have a passion for teaching the next generation about Christ, we welcome you to join our children’s ministry. Let us help the next generation know about the love of Christ and the importance of His word.


If you like to garden or enjoy yard work, we are in need of extra hands to help keep our church property looking its best! As stewards, we are to take care of the things God has given us.

Connections Ministry

We have a connections desk to help keep visitors and members informed about the latest events and news within the church and its ministries. It is an important job and we would appreciate more help.

Community Ministry

We need member volunteers to help with social events and fellowship for both visitors and members to socialize and enjoy God’s blessings through shared potluck, Family Nights, prayer meeting, prayer rooms and other opportunities.

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