Pastoral Support

The Pastoral Support ministry is designed to assist Christian's with everyday issues and their walks with Jesus Christ. The support ranges from personal counselling, marriage counselling, one on one discipleship, family grief, funeral services, hospital visitation and more. Please contact us for more information. 

Premarital Counseling

If you are a member of The Mill or if you are attending one of our sister churches within The Canadian National Baptist Convention, we offer pre-marriage counselling programs to prepare you for the road ahead. If you are in need of premarital counselling or need to speak with our pastor, please start here.

Funeral Services

During a time of loss, many questions are asked. As a Church, we want you to know we are here for you and if you are in need of a minister or a facility to say goodbye to your loved ones, please contact us. Our elders and pastor are here to help you in this transition of life with counselling, grief share and providing funeral services.

Discipleship Needs

If you are struggling growing in the faith and need one on one time with the pastor, this is the place to start.

Family Counseling

Families go through much. The Mill is connected with outside agencies that assist you with the pressures of life. May it be marriage, children, career or other matters, the church aims to take a Christ like approach in walking with others getting the assistance they need.

Request an Appointment

Appointments with Pastor Steve are currently held on Fridays between 1pm-3pm EST

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