About Us

At the Mill Christian Fellowship, our mission is to glorify God through the great commission. We strive to make disciples and teach them the Bible. The pillar that holds us up in our teaching is the Word of God. Through expository preaching, we strive to unwrap the meaning of scripture and intent of the text provided. Through prayer, service and witness, our goal is to impact our neighbours in Mississauga for the cause of Christ.

​Four “L”s

By connecting to God vertically, we are to love, learn, lead, and labour for Christ horizontally.

  • Love
  • Learn
  • Lead
  • Labour


We gather every Sunday at 10:30 am. We also have many different programs throughout the week like our Life GroupsPrayer ServiceMen’s Bible StudyWomen’s Bible Study, and our youth programs!

We are located right at the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and South Millway in Mississauga. We have a bus stop located right out front and lots of parking available. Find us on Google Maps here!

There is no specific dress code. Please wear what is comfortable for you – jeans & t-shirt or suit & tie – it’s up to you!

We love all types of music and instruments as long as it glorifies God! We try and have a nice balance between hymns and contemporary songs and we have several leaders who each bring a unique style each week.


The Mill Christian Fellowship was launched in 2018 to be a centre of expository preaching, discipleship making and church planting movement. The Mill operates in the Reformed Baptist tradition, with varying convictions regarding church polity and governance. As such, The Mill is not affiliated with any particular denomination. This is not to be confused with a non-denominational church or inter-denominational. Though an independent congregation, convictions to historic Reformation traditions are present, but without the outside interference of denominational governance. All pastoral staff have been ordained through various Baptist or Protestant backgrounds aligning to such Reformed convictions.

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