Prior to 2018, the church operated as Erin Mills Baptist church. The church was planted in 1970, on a small corner in Mississauga intersecting a small two-lane Erin Mills Parkway and South Millway. In the early years, many faithful volunteers served the growing community in Mississauga and the church grew along with its community. With the ever-changing community, the church underwent periods of pastoral change while it was getting its footing. The church was blessed to have various pastors who were strong in the word and brought sound expositional preaching. Through the faithful ministry of Rev. Dr. Gordon Freeland, the church was able to get focused, pay off all debt and establish itself as a permanent and reliable Christian church now in the heart of a major urban centre.

Steve Bainbridge received the call to the church in April 2017 with the purpose to bring about a revitalization to the church. Prior to this, pastor Steve was pastoring a rural church in Espanola Ontario Canada.

In 2018, the newly established elders board led the church forward into a new direction. Erin Mills Baptist became The Mill (Christian Fellowship). Operating by-laws, guiding principles and ministry focuses all reflected the new church and her vision and mission. The name The Mill reflects a connection to the history of the area when the grist mills along the Credit River valley help establish the area. The weekly newsletter of the church bears this name The Grist. As such many street names within Erin Dale, still reveal these historic roots. The church also entered a two-phase plan in 2018, each consisting of five years to ensure the doctrine, mission and vision of the church reflected a dedication to discipleship, missions, and church planting. Since 2018, the members of the church have grown in their spiritual formation, and to date are active in all aspects of church ministry.

In 2021, the church recommitted itself to the vision and mission that was forecasted by the elders and continued forward in the revitalization plan by becoming an independent church but still operating under the traditions of our doctrinal convictions. With the long-standing history of the church, we are quickly outgrowing our facility and will either need to move or expand our current space. We are excited about the vitality and growth over these past 50 years. The Mill Christian Fellowship has a history of being a warm, loving community where the Scriptures are faithfully preached and is committed to continue in the path that the Lord has set.

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