Brothers and sisters of the Mill Christian Fellowship,
Like you, for many years, I have grown and been challenged by the faithful expositional preaching of Alistair Begg. Either through his messages at specific conferences or at his home church, where he has faithfully pastored Christ’s flock (online). By now, the dust-up of recent advice to a grandmother has made its way to your social feeds or email. As previously mentioned at our adult Sunday School, when this first came to light, I wanted to wait and see if Alistair Begg would draw back his statements regarding his advice to a grandmother attending an LGBTQ+ wedding, which he did not do. In fact, he doubled down his position in a sermon with some points to consider and points that are problematic.
We do not know the counsel or what is going on behind the scenes for our brother. We know that Alistair has faithfully served in the pulpit for decades without compromise in this regard. He has been steadfast, consistent, and clear on essential matters when many others have shifted. He is a brother who has led by example and is still an example for many. He is the brother who made the exceptional exposition of justification and the thief on the cross – and sadly, he is the man who made a poor error in judgment with his original counsel. It is my position that Alistair’s teachings throughout the years are still safe, his sermons still provide the believer to reflect and mature, and his level of graciousness to others he disagrees with is commendable.  However, considering recent comments regarding the LGBTQ+ wedding attendance and digging in more after many strong Reformed Evangelical voices brought rebuke, we must be firm; Alistair is in error.  What he said was wrong, and we do not agree nor can we find agreement. Alistair should have pulled those comments back and done a full withdrawal. As he has not, he now leaves questions and concerns in his ministry regarding this subject and his willingness to receive correction.
As his position on this specific subject is in error, we must use the utmost caution in receiving his opinions on such areas of sexual ethics – specifically with the ever-present pressure from our government in this regard. Therefore, TMCF will no longer recommend (or make available) Alistair Begg’s teachings or resources from Truth for Life about Sexual Ethics and is praying about other resources of a close nature. Further,  pastors in various ways or forms have publicly made foolish remarks, to which there is an expectation that public pullback or repentance will occur. No one gets it 100% right, but some errors are more serious than others. We live in an age where this stuff does not go away. So, with such errors comes stronger concern. May Alistair think heavily on this and make the right move. 
In closing, Alistair is a brother in Christ and an older brother at that. We will use extreme caution saying anything further, or assuming on matters not made known. We understand others in their position feeling the need to pull Begg’s program or rescind speaking engagements and will monitor all these things closely. In closing,  Dr. McArthur stated once that many of the men and movements that he has seen come and go in his lifetime were taken down by various ideologies. The charge he gave in his talk could be summed up as “finish well, you only get one run at this.” I pray Alistair finds his way through this and finishes well. He is a man who is a dear brother, a compassionate leader, and has sacrificially lived and served Christ and the local church. 
May the Lord reveal to Alistair his error and bring him to that sweet place of repentance which breaks pride, reveals blind spots and refreshes strength (which we all need).
Please contact me through the church if you have any questions or concerns. 
In His Grace, 
Pastor Steve 

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