Pastor Steve's Story

Growing up in the middle of Scarborough Ontario Canada, in a housing project known for its crime, violence, and poverty usually does not end in a success story. However, this is where my story begins. I grew up in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Scarborough.  Riddled with gangs, shootings and broken homes; we still called it home, others called it ‘Hollywood.’Seeing used needles, drug raids and even extreme violence was a regular thing. When one grows up in this type of environment, sociologist usually declares the individual will become a product of their environment, but when the Creator of the universe steps in, all other views must pause and submit to His plan. Why? Because God is the one who plants and prepares His servants for ministry.

Of course with the sort of upbringing, it is safe to say I did not follow the Lord in my youth nor was I raised in a Christian home. I had to walk down many paths and trials early in life. Thankfully, through His Mercy and Grace, I was brought to repentance and began my relationship with Christ in 2000. During this time, I met my beautiful wife, Christine. We got married in 2001 and had four beautiful children. Each step of the way, her dedication to Christ, her conviction to Scripture and commitment to raising our children is inspiring, as well as motivating.

Understanding what I deserved, knowing I got Grace, my drive is to pursue Christ above all else passionately. The calling to pastoral ministry is one that is cemented into my being and cannot be shaken. One of my favourite groups is DC Talk and in their song “My Will” they 
sing these lines,

I’m learning to give up the rights to myself
The bits and the pieces I’ve gathered as well
They’re nothing compared to the joy that You bring me
The peace that You show me is the strength that I need

It’s my will, and I’m not moving
Cause if it’s Your will, then nothing can shake me
It’s my will, to bow and praise You
I now have the will to praise my God

I appreciate the call in the song. Not to move forward in our wills – but trust Christ; nothing can stop His will in our lives. My prayer is “Lord, open my eyes to see you as my never ceasing, inexhaustible treasure of goodness – not to pursue my wants or demand my rights…but to joyful proclaim you – in all that you bring before me” –

It amazes me how the Lord works. 17 years being involved with Christian ministry, 6 of those being full time and he continues to stretch me, correct me, build and lead me. I am thankful for the men who have poured into my life these years and for those who continue to this day. As it was once said by the Williams Brothers in their song; “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody, about somebody, who can save anybody.”

May we learn to joyfully adore Christ in every aspect of our lives – so that we may joyfully proclaim Christ in every aspect of our lives.


Steve Bainbridge is the current serving Lead Pastor at The Mill Christian Fellowship. He was ordained by Calvary Baptist Church/The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada while serving in his first pastorate.

With his Wife, Christine, three daughters and son they moved to GTA in 2017. Steve’s passion is to pursue Christ and lead others to the call of “Behold Your God.” Before pastoral ministry, Steve served as an appointed law enforcement officer, an elder for two churches within The Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Canada, worked as a home staff missionary and conducted Urban Outreach and Training within Canada/USA. Steve also volunteers as a part-time representative for Ethnos Canada in the Hamilton, Niagara area. The burden on Steve’s ministry is the local church once again returns to her mandate to make Christ known and be a body of believers who handle the Scriptures well while reaching the lost for Christ.

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