It Needs to be Said, Even if many are Silent

     Living in Canada today, it is clear the government has lost its moral compass. What is more alarming; politicians or medical leaders are not facing opposition from those who profess to stand on Biblical Principles. Throughout Canada, many churches professing to be Protestant Evangelical have sold out. Many churches in various denominations have either gone against the teachings of Holy Scripture or their confessions of faith to align with governing policies. As a pastor, I have watched the government officials attack the Christian faith and express discrimination calling what we believe nothing more than myths while hirelings applaud and comply. Sadly, even if there are professed strong convictions in private among some pastors, many pastors dare not speak to this issue over the fear of retribution.

As such, may it be stated publicly that as a pastor, there is no other acceptable position other than to hold and teach that all human beings, including those inside the mother’s womb, are created image-bearers of God? All human life is precious and perfectly designed by Yahweh (Ps 127:3, Ps 139:13, Ecc 11:5). As all humans are created in the image of God, all creation is to be valued and not terminated, as this is a violation of the sixth commandment, “Thou shall not kill” (Ex 20:13). Any minister, ordained or laity, who opposes Holy Scripture, tolerates abortion or in their apostasy teaches anything outside what is acceptable by God will be held accountable by Him. Christians, and pastors who profess to be the redeemed body of Christ, must condemn the murdering or wilful destruction that brings about the termination of any life, including life at any stage of development. Failure to do so is spiritual negligence and treason against God himself. It must not ever be the position of the Christian church to accept or adopt any philosophy, societal norm, or political position as its primary source of direction.  The Christian church finds its authority alone in the Scriptures (Sola Scriptura). Therefore, if any pastor chooses to remain silent on the issue of abortion, they violate Scripture (first and foremost) and historic creeds and confessions and are in danger of apostatizing. It must also be said – even if others will not say it; those who accept, encourage, promote, or endorse abortion while professing to be a believer in Christ have attacked the very authority of Holy Scripture, and have attacked Christ himself. They are to be considered false teachers and disqualified.

As a serving pastor, I call upon Christians, clergy and laity to wholly reject and oppose the forced acceptance of abortion by the political powers. To unashamedly let those who desire to murder the innocent that it will never be acceptable and at the same time grace and mercy is found in Jesus Christ. It is time followers of Christ boldly declare, they will, not accept any position that violates Scripture. This position is not ignorant that there will come times when the mother or child may face serious health-related matters during pregnancy; therefore, conflict will arise, but these conflicts are to be examined in accordance with the Christian faith without violation of what God has already established. It is the responsibility of the Christian and the church to be a haven for mothers who have nowhere to go. It is to provide care, direction, resources, possible adoption considerations, and many other services to ensure care is extended to both mother and child.

Canada, its leaders, and those who violate God’s law will not be forgotten. All who murder will account for the loss of the innocent – including lawmakers. Therefore, I pray for the church to weep for the significant loss of life as well for our elected officials salvation. Those who celebrate the death of the innocent and work to destroy all those who disagree with their sin need saving, in Christ Alone.

In the Grace of Jesus Christ, who is Lord overall,

Rev. Steve Bainbridge

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